Our Terms and Conditions

at Benalla Veterinary Clinic

Our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Business

Thank you for entrusting the care of your pet to Benalla Veterinary Clinic.


Itemised bills will be provided with every transaction. Accounts are due for settlement at the end of the consultation, the discharge of your pet or upon collection of drugs or products.

For surgery and/or hospitalisation of your pet, payment of 50% of the estimated cost is required prior to admission, unless prior arrangement has been made.

We accept cash, cheque, electronic bank transfer & EFTPOS and Visa/Mastercard.


We will happily provide a written estimate as to the probable costs of a course of treatment, diagnostics or surgical procedure. Please understand that any estimate given can only be approximate – often a pet’s illness will not follow a conventional course.

We will provide the price of any medicine or product stocked on request.


Should an account not be settled within 14 days, a reminder will be sent. After due notice to you, the client, overdue accounts will be subject to third party debt collection and further charges will be levied to cover costs incurred in collecting the debt: such as court fees, correspondence, court attendance, phone calls, etc.

Any bounced cheques returned by our bank, any failed card payments, and cash tendered found to be counterfeit will result in the original account being returned with further charges added to cover bank charges and administrative costs.


If for any reason you are unable to settle your account as specified, we ask you to discuss the matter as soon as possible with a member of staff.


Benalla Veterinary Clinic strongly supports the principle of pet insurance for illness or unexpected accidents. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to settle your account and then reclaim fees from your insurance company.


Written signed consent for procedures is required in all cases of admission to the hospital and any alterations will be agreed prior to action being taken.


Consent is also required for the use of certain medications in species for which they were not licensed. You will be asked to sign a consent form asking for specific permission to permit the use of off-label medications in your pet. This is required as the majority of veterinary drugs are not licensed for use in small mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, as well as reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians.

We recommend the use of so called ‘off-label drugs’ which have a proven effectiveness for a species where there are no alternative registered veterinary medications.


You may request written prescriptions (subject to a prescription fee) for your pet’s medication if such medication is not currently stocked by Benalla Veterinary Clinic. However, you bear responsibility for sourcing such medication from a pharmacy and should bear in mind that delays in treatment may be detrimental to the welfare of your pet.

In circumstances where it is essential to begin treatment immediately then prescriptions will not be offered. Prescriptions will not be issued for drugs used in anaesthesia or emergency situations.


We are happy to accept unused medication back into the practice for disposal only. However as drugs which have left the premises are no longer fit for resale, no refund can be given.

A medical waste disposal fee will apply to drugs for disposal that were purchased from any other supplier.


It is necessary both for the welfare of your pet and to meet legal obligations, for this practice to re-examine animals receiving long term medication. The interval will vary with the condition and the medication but will be no longer than every 6 months. The prevailing consultation fee will be charged for that examination. No agent of or person employed by, or under contract with, the practice has the authority to alter or vary these conditions in any way.


Your pet’s clinical records, including radiographs, ultrasound scans and endoscopy video footage as well as laboratory test reports remain the property of Benalla Veterinary Clinic. Whilst we make a charge for carrying out these examinations and interpreting their results, ownership of the resulting record remains with the practice. You are entitled to see the records on request. Your pet’s records will be sent to another veterinary surgeon on request from them or for the purpose of referral.


Benalla Veterinary Clinic aims to provide the highest standard of care for you and your pets. We hope that you never have cause to complain, however we respect and encourage feedback and complaints. Please direct your comments in writing to the management at admin@benallavetclinic.com.au so that we may help, and also learn from your engagement.


Photographs of your pet may on occasion be used for educational or marketing purposes unless you would prefer this not to happen. Consent for release of such media is included within our consent for treatment forms.

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