Advanced Dental Repair

at Benalla Veterinary Clinic

Advanced Dental Repair

Benalla Veterinary Clinic veterinarians are able to repair damage to teeth – from traumatic accidents through to wear and tear damage, so that our pet’s teeth no longer are subjected to mandatory ‘toothanasia’.  We pride ourselves in having the skills and equipment to care for teeth that are still viable, ensuring your pet pain-free dentition.


Dental UV light-cured bonding resins are used to build up a protective tough layer over the damaged or worn portion of the tooth, thus protecting the tooth from decay and tartar accumulation, and removing any sensitivity. Although it can be difficult to assess pain in animals teeth, animal dental complaints mirror our own, thus making pain control and dental health essential for compassionate pet ownership.

Surgical Extractions

Extractions are considered a last resort (Toothanasia!). When necessary we perform extractions surgically so that diseased bone surrounding the affected tooth material is completely removed, the jaw bone is thoroughly cleaned and recontoured, and then the socket is covered by a gingival (gum) flap wich is sutured carefully into place. In this way, pain and future problems are avoided and animals feel much happier within 24 hours.  

All of our dental patients are given local anaesthetic dental blocks if extractions are required, and will have on-going pain relief for several days after the procedure.

Dental Plates

In addition to dental repair work, we are now able to construct acrylic dental plates that can help correct malocclusion issues (problems with the bite) in dogs or cats, especially when they are growing , or that may arise later in their lives.  Teeth can be encouraged to move in the jaw with the clever use of these custom-made plates which are securely bonded to the animals teeth, and then are removed when their job is complete – usually several weeks afterwards. 

Vital Pulpotomy

A vital pulpotomy is an endodontic dental procedure whereby a tooth that has been broken with its pulp exposed (ie the nerve and blood supply) can actually be saved.  This useful technique is also used in cases of malocclussion where it can be used after a canine tooth is reduced in length.  It allows the canine tooth to be saved which has many benefits for the animal.  

Root Canals

Root canal procedures are not performed at Benalla Vet Clinic at this stage, and require referral to veterinary dentists in Melbourne which we are happy to help organise for our patients. 

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